10 most useful statements for unity


10 most useful statements for unity Download

For those who still struggle on coding

What you’ll learn
  • learn to code video game with a minimum of statements
  • no

Course on video game coding with Unity and C#:

this course is based on my personal experience with my students who still struggled to code even after watching many videos made by professionals of the game industry.

Even if, those courses are well done  my students has got a lot of issues, because as beginners, :

  • they do not have a solid basement on the way to code in C#
  • they do not know which statements are important to memorize among all those hundreds methods (also called functions) inside Unity.

Like your class teachers,I have  decided to create a well organized course which helps you to create a full 2D game if you follow it.

My strategy to learn to code, is based on:

  • repetition of always the same template during use of a variables.
  • working with an unique conditional statement (the “if” conditional statement).
  • working with an unique loop (the “for” loop)

After this course, all my students were able to create any kind of game and were enthusiastic when I propose a new game project.

So Guys, Enjoy…

Who this course is for:
  • those who have an issue with C# coding in Unity3D
10 most useful statements for unity Download
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Source: https://www.udemy.com/course/the-10-most-useful-statements-for-unity/
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