Apache Spark Project for Beginners – A Complete Project Guide


Apache Spark Project for Beginners: A Complete Project Guide Download

Real-Time Message Processing Application

What you’ll learn
  • End to End Apache Spark Project Development
  • How Real-Time Streaming Application Works
  • Features of Spark Structured Streaming using Scala
  • How Apache Kafka works well with Apache Spark
  • How to make use of NoSQL like MongoDB and RDBMS like MySQL in Real-Time Streaming Application
  • How to build nice Visualisation Dashboard using Python
  • Any basic programming language
  • Basic understanding of Apache Spark

End to End Project Development of Real-Time Message Processing Application: In this Apache Spark Project, we are going to build Meetup RSVP Stream Processing Application using Apache Spark with Scala API, Spark Structured Streaming, Apache Kafka, Python, Python Dash, MongoDB and MySQL. And we are going to build a data pipeline which takes data from stream data source(Meetup Dot Com RSVP Stream API Data) to Data Visualisation using Apache Spark and other big data frameworks.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginners who want to get End to End Apache Spark/Big Data Project Development Process and Architecture
Apache Spark Project for Beginners: A Complete Project Guide Download
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Source: https://www.udemy.com/course/apache-spark-project-for-beginners/
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