Arduino Microcontroller: learn Arduino making projects


Arduino Microcontroller: learn Arduino making projects Download

created 2020, Arduino Course: learn electrical engineering with the Arduino Microcontroller

What you’ll learn
  • C++ programming language for arduino
  • Get more confidence for your next Arduino projects
  • programming a display
  • use and programming motors
  • measure the speed of sound with the Arduino
  • control motors with a Joystick
  • draw circuits
  • read physical circuits
  • functions, boolean functions
  • measure light intensity
  • make sound with the Arduino
  • understand how the arduino is working
  • Build functioning circuits on a breadboard
  • detect water
  • recognize the orientation of objects
  • understand analog and digital pins
  • how to use pulse width modulation
  • how to program RGB LEDs
  • understand and program a Potentiometer
  • dim LEDs with a Potentiometer
  • recognize sound with the Arduino
  • measure distance with the Arduin0
  • Interest in programming

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This course is all about the Arduino Microcontroller and the modules that you can use with the Arduino (motors, etc.). This course is a great opportunity to learn Arduino through projects. You will be able to start making projects right after the introduction. I will always give you the code that I have programmed for the projects in this course, but I would like to challenge you to program it yourself to make sure you learn as much as possible.

Who this course is for:
  • Everybody who wants to improve or learn how to use the Arduino microcontroller for any purpose.
Arduino Microcontroller: learn Arduino making projects Download
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