Automation Testing with QTP


Automation Testing with QTP Download

Become an expert automation tester through this award winning HP Quick Test Professional (QTP) course.

What you’ll learn
  • Create an automated framework quickly and easily for all of your automation needs
  • Use an excel sheet for importing and reading data for your automated script
  • Create a reusable function library that makes creating new testing scenarios a breeze!
  • Use VBscripting to create a dynamic driver script to run your automated test
  • Students need the free 30 days trial of UFT to be able to follow along with this course

In Software testing, knowing automation with any of the market’s current tools will get you the highest paying jobs! QTP and UFT are the industry’s leading tools in automation and it’s important to master these tools to be at the top of your field. The most important aspect of automation is learning to create an automated framework properly and efficiently. We teach you how to do just that in this easy and quick course through 7 short videos.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is for individuals who already have some knowledge and technical skills using QTP or UFT
Automation Testing with QTP Download
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