AWS Certified Associate (All 3) – VPC Security Mastery


AWS Certified Associate (All 3) – VPC Security Mastery Download

Master AWS VPC Security Groups and Network Access Control Lists (NACLs) – Theory and Practice

What you’ll learn
  • Master AWS VPC security groups and NACLs, and apply that in scenario-based questions
  • A very basic level of understanding of AWS

Whether you are new to AWS, or you are preparing to one of the AWS exams, VPC security is a very common exam topic, and your understanding of it will definitely be challenged. If you are preparing for AWS Certified Associate (Architect, SysOps, or Developer), This is a must to deeply understand.

This course explains the topics in a very simple way, and ensures that at the end, you will understand Security Groups and NACLs very deeply and be able to confidently answer ANY related question in the exam.

Simple, clear, visual-aided explanation of the Security Group and NACLs topics, along with scenarios and exam-level questions to re-enforce the understanding and knowledge assimilation.


Enjoy the course!



Who this course is for:
  • All AWS Associate level (CSAA, SysOps Administrator, Developer) certification candidates
  • Anyone keen on mastering AWS VPC security groups and NACLs
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Snowfiles [647 MB]
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