Body Weight Home Workout for MUSCLE Gain – BUFF Academy


Body Weight Home Workout for MUSCLE Gain – BUFF Academy Download

Gain MUSCLE in home conditions without any complex equipment needed

What you’ll learn
  • Improve their strength and muscle size, gain knowledge about effective exercises
  • No specific prior knowledge or tools are required, little wooden or metal parallets (optional)

The routines and exercises in this course are carefully selected to correspond with the most important hypertrophy principle: the reps range from 6 to 12 with the maximum effort.

We did not include the exercises that are relatively too easy or too difficult, the goal is that you work your muscle just enough for it to grow.

You will have 10 different routines that you can do using the floor and little wooden or metal parallets (that you can build youself or buy at a low cost). Each routine contains of 4 exercises that have to be repeated in 10 rounds.

On a day that you want to train you can select the workout you like. Each workout will take you approximately 1 hour. You can train 2-4 times a week. With consistency and proper technique of execution – the results are guaranteed. Just dont forget to nourish your body with good rest and good sleep. Lets go!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to know the effective routines that could be done in home conditions
Body Weight Home Workout for MUSCLE Gain – BUFF Academy Download

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