Complete Go Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero (Golang) [Updated]

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Complete Go Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero (Golang) Download

Learn the best practices and every aspect of Go Programming Language (Golang) from scratch with 1000+ hands-on examples.

Complete Go Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero (Golang) Download
Complete Go Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero (Golang) Download

What you’ll learn

  • Understand how Go works behind the scenes from a Go contributor
  • Get a solid foundation of Go Programming Language and the Go Standard Library
  • Practice with hundreds of exercises (with included solutions) and questions
  • Learn the best practices, tips and tricks so you won’t have to fall into the common beginner mistakes
  • This is NOT a web, api, cloud, devops, microservices development course, however it’s the deepest Go course that you can find on the planet (that’s why it’s still in progress).


  • Patience and desire to learn every aspect of Go step by step.
  • Programming experience is not necessary.
  • Go is cross platform. So, OS X, Windows and Linux all are supported.
  • Basic understanding of command-line is a plus but it’s not necessary.


— Please read everything here and watch the free preview lectures before buying the course.

— Go is a programming language created in Google!
This is the most comprehensive online Go course on the planet Earth. In this course, you’ll learn the best practices of Go programming language. This course answers both the “whys?” and the “hows?”. You will learn how to program with Go, and at the same time, you will get a sense of why Go works the way it does. Together, we will go deeper into Go, and you will understand Go deeply. Only then, you will be able to code on your own after taking this course.

  • Step by step, ultra-detailed and entertaining explanations with easy to understand animations
  • Hundreds of hands-on exercises
  • Not only theory or practice: Both! What, WhyHowWhen to and Where to use?
  • You will have a deeper and intuitive understanding of the Go Programming Language and the Go Standard Library
  • Almost every lecture contains a lot of tips and tricks that many Go programmers aren’t aware of.
  • By the end of the course, you’ll be more knowledgeable than almost every other Go programmers out there.


  • Web Development, Cloud Development, API Development, DevOps Development
  • But this doesn’t mean that you won’t learn the real-world examples. There are practical projects almost after every section (The first practical project starts with the arrays section).


  • This course is in progress, but I’m adding more content every week or so.
  • There are already 15+ hours of content, 200 fully animated lectures, hundreds of exercises and quizzes.
  • There is enough content to give you a solid understanding of Go already.


  • This is not a course that teaches you Go in a few weeks.
    • Understanding Go deeply is not an easy work for the impatient.
  • This course assumes zero experience with programming, this is what makes it a bootcamp.
    • This course teaches you everything step by step from ground zero.
    • At the beginning of the course you will feel like you’re learning the programming concepts right from the beginning but Go is different. Trust me, it will worth it.
    • So, if you’re an experienced programmer, please check out the guide in the course that I’ve prepared for the experienced developers like you.

Go is one of the most desired, easy to learn and the highest paying programming languages. There are 1+ million Go programmers around the world, and the number is increasing each day exponentially. It’s been used by Google, Facebook, Twitter, Uber, Docker, Kubernetes, Heroku, and many others.

Go is Efficient like C, C++, and Java and Easy to use like Python and Javascript. It’s Open-Source, Simple, Powerful, Efficient, Cross-Platform (OS X, Windows, Linux, …), Compiled, Garbage-Collected, and Concurrent.

Go is best for: Command-line Tools, Web APIs, Distributed Network Applications like Microservices, Database Engines, Big-Data Processing Pipelines, and so on.

Go has been designed by one of the most influential people in the industry:

  • Unix: Ken Thompson
  • UTF-8, Plan 9: Rob Pike
  • Hotspot JVM (Java Virtual Machine): Robert Griesemer

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s enroll and let the fun begin.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginners: Take this course if you want to learn how to program with Go from zero, step by step.
  • Experienced Developers: Take this course if you want to gain a solid understanding of Go. You can jump to any specific topic that you want.
  • This course focuses heavily only on the Go Language and the Go Standard Library to make you a solid Go developer. It’s not a web/backend, cloud development or a devops course. In time, there will be an example about building a Go Web API example as well.



Complete Go Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero (Golang) Download

   Download [8.9 GB]

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