HP Application Life Cycle Management (HP ALM)


HP Application Life Cycle Management (HP ALM) Download

Modules and its features of Hewlett Packard Application Life Cycle Management (HP ALM) 12.5

What you’ll learn
  • Usage of Requirements Module
  • Usage of Test Plan Module
  • Usage of Test Lab Module
  • Usage of Defects Module
  • Uploading Test cases through MS Excel
  • Usage of Reports
  • Beginner
  • Novice
  • All Audience

HP ALM is a set of software tool developed and marketed by Micro Focus (previously Hewlett-Packard and Hewlett Packard Enterprise) for application development and testing. It includes tools for requirements management, test planning and functional testing, performance testing (when used with Performance Center), developer management (through integration with developer environments such as Collabnet, TeamForge and Microsoft Visual Studio), and defect management.

ALM is designed to support key stakeholders responsible for delivering applications as they progress through their lifecycle. It is a combination of a common platform, several key applications and a dashboard targeted at managing the core lifecycle of applications, from design through readiness for delivery to operations. All of these core lifecycle activities are connected together from a workflow perspective with a common management console, layer of project tracking and planning and built on a common software foundation containing a consistent repository and open integration architecture with a supported SDK

Below are the topics covered

Lecture – 1 Introduction on HP Application Life Cycle Management (HP ALM) 12.5 version

Lecture – 2 Requirements Module

Lecture – 3 Test Plan Module

Lecture – 4 Test Module

Lecture – 5 Defects Module

Lecture – 6 Uploading Test cases using MS Excel

Lecture – 7 Using Reports in HP ALM

Please Note:

  1. It is more of tutorial and is for practice and understanding your level of knowledge only
  2. It is not necessary that this tutorial may or may not be helpful for examinations and/or interview questions
  3. Unfortunately, there is no access to HP ALM at this time because it is an expensive tool
Who this course is for:
  • Beginner to Test Management Tool
  • Hewlett Packard Application Life Cycle Management (HP ALM) 12.5
  • All audience
HP Application Life Cycle Management (HP ALM) Download
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