JavaScript Object-Oriented Masterclass

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JavaScript Object-Oriented Masterclass Download

Write robust, highly maintainable and elegant JavaScript applications by deeply understanding Object-Oriented JavaScript

JavaScript Object-Oriented Masterclass Download
JavaScript Object-Oriented Masterclass Download

What you’ll learn

  • Objects and functions
  • Scopes and closures
  • The “this” keyword and call, bind and apply functions
  • The module pattern
  • Prototype-based object-oriented programming
  • Prototypes vs classes
  • A deep-dive into the constructor pattern
  • Concatenative inheritance and prototype-based OOP
  • Multiple Inheritance using concatenative inheritance
  • Private variables and functions
  • Introduction to TypeScript
  • Explore a real-world object-oriented JavaScript application


“- the use of classes … is the source of a number of complications. This paper discusses prototypes as an alternative to classes … In a prototype-based language, copying rather than instantiation is the mechanism provided to the user for making new objects.”

This is a line from a 1986 research paper discussing prototypes as an alternative to classes. Did you know that JavaScript is a prototype-based language and does not need classes? Did you know that JavaScript’s Object-Oriented system is actually simpler than classes?

Unfortunately, due to the language being marketed as “Java’s little brother”, something called the “constructor pattern” was designed as a way to for the language to “look like” class-based Java. The decision to conceal JavaScript’s true identity as a prototype-based language in favor of something that looked like half-baked classes has led to widespread confusion among developers that lives to this day.

In this course, we will explore JavaScript’s true identity as a prototype-based language and look at different ways of doing OOP in JavaScript. We don’t ignore classes or constructors – we will study them deeply and learn how they are abstractions over a prototype-based system and learn how to effectively utilize them.

In this lesson, we will learn how to write effective, maintainable and robust object-oriented code using JavaScript.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginning and intermediate JavaScript developers.
  • Advanced JavaScript developers: Many advanced developers I know are unfamiliar with OO secrets of JavaScript



JavaScript Object-Oriented Masterclass Download

   Download [2.2 GB]

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