Lead Generation, LinkedIn Marketing & Email Marketing


Lead Generation, LinkedIn Marketing & Email Marketing Download

LinkedIn Mining. A complete course to learn LinkedIn Marketing, Email Marketing, Facebook Hacks, Website creation.

What you’ll learn
  • Take in the basic Google search hack tricks and turn into the ruler of Lead Generation and Linkedin Mining.
  • In few clicks you can generate millions and millions of email ids whom you can target for email campaign.
  • Generate Leads & Sales from LinkedIn.
  • You will change the way you search in Google and LinkedIn to reach out exact information.
  • Facebook Marketing Hacks
  • How you can gather information to reach out correct people.
  • What types of email you should send and how often you should send?
  • MailChimp – Write and design a campaign. Test, Send & Analyze a campaign
  • Learn dynamic method for data extraction from any Google search page in organized manner.
  • Develop your business website and represent your brand without having any coding or technical knowledge.
  • LinkedIn Free account.
  • No specific tool or software is required.
  • Everything is free and openly accessible.

Simple – Easy Tricks, Only practical, No wasting of time.

In this course we will learn Google Search Hack tricks and how we can utilize the same in creating a huge number of Focused Email ids from LinkedIn or some other professional business listing websites in few clicks. This will be very helpful in bulk email marketing.

LinkedIn mining – We just need a free LinkedIn account.

In Free account there are limitations, we cannot browse through many of the people’s profile which we search within LinkedIn. But using this tricks we can straightforwardly browse through the number of profiles we focus on, their email addresses and we can easily connect them.

Some of you might be aware of this and some of you might be not. But I am sure at the end of the course you will definitely get some new things to learn.

Gathering information to reach out correct person to email and finding anyone’s email address.

Build Your Brand and create a professional looking business website in wordpress

  • Pick a Domain name – Name for your website
  • Get Domain and Hosting
  • Install WordPress
  • Install Theme and Plugins
  • Edit Page Content
  • Create New page
  • Manage Menu section
  • Making site live

MailChimp Email Service – Tool for people to create, send & manage their email marketing campaigns. You can easily have your campaign ready and written that matches one of your business goals for the year.

Who this course is for:
  • There is no need of any experience.
  • Anyone looking to generate millions of targeted email ids can enroll.
  • An entrepreneur or small business that’s been doing this for a little bit and not sure if they are taking the right approach.
  • Anyone who wants to learn all the tactics of Email Marketing – MailChimp.
  • Anyone looking to make a professional looking business website can enroll this course.
Lead Generation, LinkedIn Marketing & Email Marketing Download

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Source: https://www.udemy.com/course/lead-generation-linkedin-mining-generate-millions-of-targeted-email-id/
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