Linux Kernel Development Model and Compilation


Linux Kernel Development Model and Compilation Download

Understand the Development process of Linux Kernel and install the latest mainline/stable kernel on your PC

Linux Kernel Development Model and Compilation
Linux Kernel Development Model and Compilation
What you’ll learn
  • How development happens in Linux Kernel
  • Tips while Submitting Patches
  • Various Linux Kernel Trees: Mainline, stable, linux-next
  • Linux Release Process
  • Types of Linux Releases
  • Configuring, Compiling and Installing Linux Kernel from source
  • Various ways to configure Linux Kernel – menuconfig, xconfig, config, oldconfig, savedefconfig
  • Should be able to use various Linux commands: git, make
  • Should have Internet connection and Linux Machine

Update: Added Raspberrypi section on 10/10/20

What will you learn from this course:

  • Development process in Linux Kernel
  • Various roles in development – Developer, Maintainer, sub-maintainer
  • Various Linux Kernel Trees
  • Things to know when sending patches
  • Linux Kernel Release Cycle
  • Types of Kernel Releases – Mainline, stable, Long-Term
  • Configuring, Compiling, Installing Your own Linux Kernel
  • Various Linux Kernel Configuration Techniques – oldconfig, defconfig, savedefconfig, xconfig, menuconfig
  • How to cross compile Linux Kernel
  • How to build only portion of Linux Kernel
Who this course is for:
  • Linux Individuals interested in understanding Linux Kernel Release process
  • Linux developers interested in knowing about how to send patches
  • Developers who wants to configure, build and install their own Linux Kernel
Linux Kernel Development Model and Compilation Download

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