Microsoft Excel – Excel for Beginners & Intermediates


Microsoft Excel – Excel for Beginners & Intermediates Download

Excel 2010 for the office : Excel formula,Excel Tables,Excel charts,Excel formatting

What you’ll learn
  • basic of excel software
  • ribbon functions
  • conditional formatting
  • comment functions (picture in comment)
  • table creation
  • pivot table creation
  • slicer function
  • Data entry form
  • Basic formula
  • few more functions
  • A PC / Laptop with excel software. excel 2010 is preferable

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Excel is one of the power tool of Ms Office

  • In this course you will know how to use excel to make your work easy
  • Reduce your work time with more productivity
  • Create Pivot table and control it by Slicer
  • Shortcuts that leads to better time management & increased efficiency
  • learn some tips & tricks,shortcuts,functions & formulas to become an excel power user

What you will learn ?

  1. excel basic
  2. Alignment functions
  3. page layout
  4. Shapes
  5. Comment
  6. freez pane
  7. Table creation
  8. Pivot table
  9. Slicer
  10. Template creation
  11. Data entry form
  12. Conditional formatting
  13. Charts
  14. Basic Formulae
  15. Vlookup
  16. Shortcuts
  17. few useful functions

If you are a complete beginner to Excel?  or  If you know something on Excel?

if ” yes ”

then this course is for you!!!!

ENROLL today and start your excel learning Now.

Who this course is for:
Microsoft Excel – Excel for Beginners & Intermediates Download

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