Modern Javascript: Mastering ES6, And ES7

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Modern Javascript: Mastering ES6, And ES7 Download
Modern Javascript: Mastering ES6, And ES7 Download
What you’ll learn
  • Mastering all the new ES6 features
  • Understand the weird parts of Javascript

  • Basic knowledge of Javascript is required (Arrays, Functions, Object)

The goal of this course is simple: hugely increase your JavaScript skills while developing and modernizing you to write modern JavaScript.

Want to take your JavaScript knowledge to meet today’s standards? So this is the course for you.

The course includes 20 modules that go through ES6 in its entirety. You are going to learn these topics:
  •  New Variables, Scoping and Template Strings
  • Arrow Functions, Destructuring
  • New Iterables and Looping over data
  • Mastering … Spread and Rest Operator
  • Understanding weird Concept of this in Javascript
  • How to create Modules in ES6 way
  • Mastering Generators, Proxies, Sets and Maps
  • Advanced Classes, Prototypal Inheritance
  • How to write clean code using ESLint
  • Learn how to check the Code Quality using ESLint
  • Mastering Loops etc and much more!
Who is the target audience?
  • Developers who want to learn new modern features of Javascript



Modern Javascript: Mastering ES6, And ES7 Download


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