Principles and Practice of Mindfulness Leadership


Principles and Practice of Mindfulness Leadership Download

Coaching Insights and Inspirations from Mindfulness . Learn the actual practice of Mindfulness Meditation!

What you’ll learn
  • Understand what Mindfulness is.
  • Learn the exact methods of mindfulness meditation practice, namely Shamatha .
  • Know and learn how to elicit calm at times of stress.
  • Learn how to leverage the power of meditation to unlock creativity.
  • How to foster empathy and compassion in the workplace.
  • How to create a stress-free workplace.
  • How to foster better relationships.
  • You need to have basic interest in meditation.
  • No prior knowledge of meditation required.
  • A basic computer and an Internet connection.

Today  conversations in HR and elsewhere border on AI and its importance, but I contend that mindfulness plays an even greater significance. Why? Because people drive machines, not the other way round.


All the technological marvels, including AI, are man’s creation. So, invest in human intelligence, myriad positive implications of AI will follow.


But how do you invest in humans and their intelligence? You do it through unlocking their creativity. Which can be brought about through the practice of “mindfulness leadership”. Understand the implications and positive effects of mindfulness at: personal level and at workplaces.

My own reading of stress in our executives and the role of  “Mindfulness” in countering discords  has helped me create this effective course on happiness, creativity and leadership. This course will appeal to busy executives and business leaders.  It will particularly appeal to anyone who wants to learn the actual practice of meditation.


In this course you will:


Learn the techniques of employing meditation to achieve a stress-free life.


Learn how to create a stress-free workplace.


Learn how to improve employee engagement.


Learn the specific techniques of the  most popular and effective meditation practices of all, namely,  “Samatha and Vipassana”.


Learn how to improve your relationship with friends and family.



This course has some amazing videos and  resources! The resources are: in most cases, word-per-word transcripts of the High Quality video lectures; additional study materials with great background score or soulful music; and some practice exercises.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to employ meditation in their every day life.
  • Executive Coaches who want to employ “mindfulness” in their Coaching practice.
  • Managers who are overburdened by their daily responsibilties and want to attain calm.
  • HR Leaders who want to enhance employee engagement.
  • CEOs.
  • Students of Mindfulness and Coaching who want to understand meditation and its implications better.
  • Freelancers and Entrepreneurs.
Principles and Practice of Mindfulness Leadership Download

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