Python from Intermediate to Expert


Python from Intermediate to Expert Download

Get ready to learn advanced python programming concepts – Working with Oracle and MySQL Database.File handling in Python

What you’ll learn


  1. Just need basic Idea about Python programming.
  2. This Course guide you to the advance concepts including reference from basic tutorial.




  1. I will take your through a series of lectures and tutorials on python programming. I’ll be teaching how to program using python advanced concepts  in easy way.
  2. Python is a programming language is well-known for being easy and simple to use, mainly because it allows the programmers to use a method rich in styles, instead of doing in a complex way. It also features the possibility of extending over other customization interfaces.

What we are going to Learn in this Course ?

  1. Working with Files and Directory
  2. Working with different database [Oracle and MySQL]
  3. Exception Handling in Python
  4. Why Use Lambda Functions ?
  5. Python Dates
  6. Python JSON
  7. Python RegEx

This course is for:

  1. Interested in learning python programming
  2. Students and Teachers
  3. Entrepreneurs


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Who this course is for:
  • Python Beginners
Python from Intermediate to Expert Download
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