Scrum for Entrepreneurs – Project management agile mastery

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Scrum for Entrepreneurs – Project management agile mastery Download

Scrum agile masterclass, increase the quality of your project & level of productivity using scrum and agile system

Scrum for Entrepreneurs - Project management agile mastery

What you’ll learn
  • Create a great team
  • Lead and manage them toward their goals
  • Pass Scrum master exam and act as a great scrum master in any company
  • Increase efficiency in both themselves and their team
  • Solve problems in their business before they appear
  • Increase their working quality
  • There are no requirement , just join us with an open mind and humble to learn life changing skills .
  • Over9000 happy students from 139 countries enrolled in my courses
  • Featured in“Entrepreneur” and “Business Insider” magazine
  • Overall, 150+ TOP Reviewson all my courses

This course is about a system which help you to work a lot faster in a lot shorter time , increase your working quality , be more efficient and make a lot less mistakes . S o we can say what exactly you need to get one step closer to your goal and becoming successful .

Learn and master the most successful working system in this Comprehensive Course

  • Work faster and smarter in shorter time
  • Increase working quality and more positive feedback from customer
  • Avoiding mistakes which bring failure
  • How to create a great team
  • Managing and leading your team toward your goals
  • Lots of exercises to practice what we learn
  • Take away at the end of each chapter for review
  • Learning from the experience of the most successful people

A Great System Which Change The Way You Work For Ever

Scrum is a great working system developed by Jeff Sutherland , John Scumniotales and Jeff McKenna in the early 1990s . Using this system can improve the way you work completely , in many different ways . You can use this system in a team or even as an individual . If you look at the most successful companies you will see that most of them are using scrum like Sam Walton , one of the most successful self-made billionaires in the history which he used a similar system in Walmart , he was calling over the shoulder system .In this course not only we will learn everything about scrum but also we will learn important experience from the most successful people with a lot of exercises .

Contents and Overview

This course contain over 50 lectures of content and exercises . It’s designed for anyone who wishes to get to their goals in their carrier and become successful .A system which will change and improve everything in the way you work.

In this course you will learn how you have to work faster and smarter . How to create a great team and how to lead them toward your goals . Beside all these you will learn what are the mistakes people make while working which is the difference of success and failure .

You’ll learn how to find the problems before they appear in your business and how to solve them before they hurt your business and projects . How to look at your problems , how to calculate them , how to find a solution and how to make the best decision in the minimum time possible .

You’ll learn how to manage every workday and to use what principles to increase the efficiency of yourself and your team .Also you will learn how to estimate the exact time of your project and the speed you and your team are working.

And, finally, you’ll learn about a lot of mistakes that most of the people are making without knowing them , mistakes which make you slow , decrease your working quality , lead you to make bad decisions and mistakes which are the difference of becoming successful or failure .

By the end of this course, you’ll have valuable skills in increasing the speed of any working process in any company (lots of companies need scrum masters to help them in their working process and you can apply for it) , create your own team , manage and lead a group of people toward your goals and increasing the efficiency in yourself and your team .

In addition to all these there are several bonuses from the experience of the most successful people which knowing them is very important and useful for the success of your business and also in your personal life .

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for the people who want to finish their projects faster with higher quality
  • people who have a team or want to have a team to be able to increase their efficiency and people who want to get closer to their goals in their carrier .
  • people who want to find job as scrum master in successful companies
Scrum for Entrepreneurs – Project management agile mastery Download
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