Social Media: Optimization & Marketing Tips for 2019


Social Media: Optimization & Marketing Tips for 2019 Download

Discover effective Social Media Optimization tips to increase your social media followers, engagement and conversions

What you’ll learn
  • You will be able to claim and optimize your presence on the top 7 social media networks
  • You will understand the benefits of social media optimization
  • You’ll know how to create your own social media strategy based on your business goals
  • You’ll know the best tips for getting started on social media
  • You’ll discover the best social media optimization practices for the top 7 social networks
  • You’ll receive an updated social media optimization guide for images and content
  • You’ll learn how to quickly create social media graphics
  • A desire to learn social media optimization
  • A computer and internet connection

Before you start spending money on paid social advertising – first optimize what you’ve already got!


Even if you’ve been doing social media marketing for years, I can almost guarantee there are numerous things that you can optimize.


And if you’re just now getting started on social media, then you want to ensure you’re covering all the most important aspects to get off to the best start possible…


This course will help you do exactly that!

We no longer have the luxury of merely hoping people will come across our site and brand by chance – with so much competition out there, we have to do everything we can to get our brand & content in front of our audience.


That’s why social media is great. 

It allows us to share our content with people that otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet our brand.


The world of social media is constantly changing, bringing new trends, ideas, and unspoken rules each year and it can feel overwhelming at times but there are things you can do to help increase your brand exposure – when you take the proper steps.


That’s where Social Media Optimization comes in!


What is Social Media Optimization? You may ask…

SMO (Social media optimization) is similar to SEO (search engine optimization) in that you can insert keywords, images and other elements into the page content with the goal of increasing your visibility, followers and/or audience engagement within that platform. The whole idea is to get as much value from your social media efforts as possible.


What You’ll Learn in This Course:

Enroll now and you’ll discover:

  • The Main benefits of Social Media Optimization
  • How to create your Social Media strategy
  • Some general social media best practices
  • Social Media Optimization tips for the top 7 Networks including: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • How to get started on Social Media in 7 Quick Steps
  • How to create social media graphics in minutes using Canva
  • How to build trust to make real connections with your audience


If you follow all the tips in this course you’ll double your presence on social media.


I’ll also show you how to create your own social media strategy based on your current business goals and share a few tips for content creation that will help you build more trust, authority and engagement with your audience.



“How do I know if this course is right for me?”


If you’ve found yourself asking any of these questions:


  • How do I get quickly started on social media?
  • What are the benefits of optimizing my social media platforms?
  • What are the best practices for optimizing my social platforms?
  • How do I create attractive social posts and graphics quickly?
  • How do I build a community on social media quickly?
  • How can I squeeze the most from my social media efforts?

Then this course is going to get the most from your social media efforts!

The SMO tips and exercises in this course are actionable, effective and won’t take much effort to implement. Plus I provide a full checklist of all the tips at the end for easy reference!

NOTE: This course is more geared towards beginners but I’ll bet even you more experienced marketers may learn a few good tips to use as well.

Besides, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee so you’ve got nothing to lose!

Well, what are you waiting for?!   Let’s get started!

See you inside!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to get started on Social Media
  • Anyone who wants to get the most from their Social Media efforts
  • Anyone who wants to learn social media optimization
  • Anyone who wants the best tips to maximize their social media presence
  • Anyone who’s thinking about doing Social Media advertising
  • Social Media beginners
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