SQL & Power BI: Your Data Analytics & Visualisation Journey


SQL & Power BI: Your Data Analytics & Visualisation Journey Download

Learn the core fundamental concepts of data analysis

What you’ll learn
  • Core SQL – the SQL interface, navigation, importing data for analysis
  • Core SQL – retrieving, filtering, and aggregating data using the SELECT, FROM, WHERE, IN, LIKE, GROUP BY, HAVING statements
  • Core SQL – the INTO statement for creating new tables and using the CASE statement to compute new columns based on conditions
  • Core SQL – joining tables together using various JOIN statements to enrich data analysis
  • Intermediate SQL – dealing with NULLs, converting data types, and data cleansing using the ISNULL, COALESCE, CAST, CONVERT, and REPLACE statements
  • Intermediate SQL – using window functions such as ROW_NUMBER, RANK, PARTITION, and learning running totals to increase the functionality of datasets
  • Intermediate SQL – understanding the importance of sub querying, views, and variables in SQL data analysis as well as the importance of stored procedures
  • Power BI – understand the importance, concepts, and power of data visualization
  • Power BI – learning how to directly import data from SQL and relate tables in the back-end of Power BI
  • Power BI – creating meaningful dashboards using Power BI visualization objects for in-depth data insights
  • The skills to analyze different types of data sets!
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge as you progress through the course
  • None – we will walk you through from an absolute beginner level! No prior knowledge of SQL or PowerBI required
  • An inquisitive mind and motivation to learn about data!
  • No need to even have SQL Server downloaded in advance, as we’ll show you how to get it installed for free!
  • Note that SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) cannot be installed on Mac OS. To install it on your Mac, the “Parallels Desktop” software is required, or the dual-boot to Windows method
  • Why not check the reviews & curriculum to see what’s in it for you?

Join this course and start gaining the key data analytic skills you’ve always wanted in your tool-belt!

This course will walk you through fundamental data concepts, with practical exercises, in order to build you from an absolute beginner to a skilled user, in both analysis and visualization, working through the examples together to give you live practice.

Upon enrolling, you’ll gain instant, lifetime access to all sections of the course for Microsoft SQL Server and Power BI, as well as the data files and scripts necessary for the exercises.

Our approach is a stepped approach, meaning that you will keep gaining more and more building blocks as you work through the lectures. This means you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge to conduct data analytics and visualize your data to a professional standard.

You’ll get access to all sections of the course that will teach you the fundamentals from the ground up, supported with over 8 hours of clear, structured content to start your data journey.


The course starts with ‘Core SQL’, where you will gain an in-depth understanding of the core functions in SQL. You will learn creating databases, to the most frequently used queries, to advanced filtering, to bucketing results:

  • Introduction to the SQL interface and how to navigate and import data
  • Understanding data types and obtaining data from tables by using the SELECT and FROM statements
  • Creating new tables using the INTO statement
  • Applying basic and complex filters on data sets by using WHILE, IN and LIKE statements
  • Aggregating data to create reports by using the GROUP BY statement
  • Understanding how to apply non-aggregation and aggregation filtering
  • Creating new data columns based on constraints and conditions by using the CASE statement
  • Appending tables using UNION and UNION ALL statements
  • Utilising data from different tables to create master tables by using the JOIN statement
  • Things to look out for when managing databases


Next you’ll learn the more advanced SQL functions and concepts in the ‘Intermediate SQL’ section of the course. This includes data conversion, data cleansing, running totals, views, variables, stored procedures, and more:

  • Understanding and working with NULL values by using ISNULL and COALESCE statements
  • Using the CAST and CONVERT statements to change data types
  • Applying window functions (such as RANK and ROW_NUMBER) to introduce a row count and ranking to the data
  • Using the PARTITION statement to split the window function operations on data (such as running totals)
  • Using the VIEW statement to create virtual tables and manipulate data
  • Understanding variables and stored procedures to make SQL code and queries more dynamic


The next (bonus!) section is a ‘SQL Query Walkthrough Guide’ – so you’ll never get lost on how to script your queries correctly!


The final section of this course covers Microsoft’s intuitive ‘Power BI’ data visualization tool. We go into the importance of data visualization, show how powerful it is, and build multiple dashboards to gain important data insights:

  • Understanding the concepts and importance of data visualization
  • Understanding how to import data into Power BI directly from SQL
  • How to navigate through the back end of Power BI and manipulate data to satisfy our needs
  • How to create meaningful visualizations and dashboards which can be used to show relevant findings

Our mission at Data Civilisation is to give you the building blocks for your journey!

So what are you waiting for? Jump right in and learn about data!


Who this course is for:
  • For those who are new and curious about SQL & Power BI
  • Students who are willing to put in a couple of hours to learn about analytics
  • Students who want to add data skills to their tool-belt
  • Beginner SQL
  • Beginner Power BI
  • For those who are interested in Data Analytics and a gateway into Data Science
SQL & Power BI: Your Data Analytics & Visualisation Journey Download

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