Stock Trading & Investing for Beginners


Stock Trading & Investing for Beginners Download

4-in-1 Course Bundle for Stock Market Beginners – Learn financial & technical analysis for stock trading & investing
Stock Trading & Investing for Beginners Download
Stock Trading & Investing for Beginners Download
What you’ll learn
  • Get answers to most frequently asked questions by beginners related to stock trading or investing!
  • Start trading / investing in the stock market
  • Understand Financial Statement of Companies you would like to invest in
  • Analyze Financial Statements using Ratio Analysis & Common Size Analysis
  • Learn Activity Ratios Liquidity Ratios, Solvency Ratios and Financial Ratios
  • Learn Graham’s Number & identify undervalued stocks
  • Apply Technical Analysis for stock trading
  • Profit from a trade setup for all time frames & asset classes that can also be used for stock trading
  • Learn Candlesticks Pattern – applicable to all kinds of financial trading including stock trading
  • Learn Technical Analysis concepts like Support & Resistance / Trend Line & Trend Channels
  • Get Tips on Money Management
  • No specific software requirements.

August 2018 Update: Added a new course Introduction to Options in this bundle which covers basics of Options! 21 new videos. Another 90 minutes of content to understand option basics better!Latest News: Indian Insight Founder & Instructor of this course, Yash Utmani was ranked 8th in Position Trading & 12th in Day Trading in Equities Segment in the last concluded edition of Pro Advisory Championship Competition, India 2016.

October 23rd 2017 Update: Added Benjamin Graham’s Value Investing Strategy.

In a new section added to this course now, you can also learn essential details of Benjamin Graham’s advice on stock selection, and his quantitative criteria for picking stocks.

This ultimate stock trading and investing course bundle has been specifically designed for beginners / investors new to stock trading or investing in stock market.

In a single course we cover:
  • Introduction to stock trading for beginners in stock market
  • Practical advice on getting started in stock trading & investing
  • Fundamental analysis (Financial Statement Analysis) for long term value investing in stock market
  • Classical technical analysis for stock trading any freely traded financial market (not just stock market).
  • Introduction to Options (along with option greeks)
How is the course structured?

1. The first three sections in the course deal with the common queries most beginners have with respect to stock trading or investing.
2. The next four sections deal with understanding & analyzing Financial Statement of companies which should be a key input in your stock trading or investing.
3. The next 8 sections deal with Technical Analysis. These techniques are not just applicable to stock trading but also to other asset classes.

4. Three sections on Option Basics

Why should I take this course?

Do you have questions like:

  • 1. How do I start trading in the stock market?
  • 2. What is share or stock?
  • 3. What is a stock exchange?
  • 4. I have less money, Should I trade in Futures & Options in the stock market?
  • 5. How do I select a stock broker for my trading?
  • 6. How much money should I invest in the stock market?
  • 7. What is algorithmic trading in the stock market & Should I be doing it?

Great! The first 3 sections in this course answers many such questions for beginners.

The next 4 sections deal with understanding & analyzing the financial statements of any company.

To add to it you learn how to perform Financial Ratio Analysis & Common Size Analysis of companies which would help you better understand the underlying business of a stock & its performance. This is a must have input before you think of trading or investing in a stock!

Once you know which company you want to invest in, you need to know when to invest so that you can benefit most from rise in price of a stock.

This is where the next 8 sections in this course help you.

We have included a comprehensive list of technical analysis tools that will help you to:
  1. Do short term trading in the stock market
  2. Better time your entry for investing success

These tools are not just applicable to stock trading or investing. In fact you can trade almost any financial asset class using these tools. Don’t believe us?

We throw in our favorite trading pattern at your service to prove it to you. We used this same pattern to predict the surprising rally in Gold in 2016 & also the even more surprising rally in the stock market!

In the Last 3 section of this course we cover Options Basics including options greeks. These sections are designed to help you better understand options so that you feel confident in understanding advanced option strategies on your own.

If you are new to stock market investing or stock trading this course will provide a major boost to your knowledge & give you the confidence to really kick start your investment journey to achieve financial freedom.icstand

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is ideal for anyone looking to quickly get started in the stock market trading or investing
  • This course is probably not for you if you are CFA, FRM or CMT qualified
Stock Trading & Investing for Beginners Download
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