Udacity – Deep Learning Foundation Nanodegree

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  1. Ahmed Tarek Morsy says

    it’s not updated

    1. Admin says

      It’s Updated. Check again

      1. lucasadams says

        hi, it says its about pytorch but after downloading, it appears its about tensorflow instead of pytorch

        1. Admin says

          We are looking into this matter. Stay Tuned

          1. lucasadams says

            Ok, so after a bit of research I found out that there are 2 different courses, one is from https://eu.udacity.com/course/deep-learning-nanodegree–nd101 and the other one appears by changing the “eu” prefix by “www” from the link. So it is https://www.udacity.com/course/deep-learning-nanodegree–nd101. And I was indeed looking for this last one.
            The donwload link in the post doesn’t match with the description you put on it, as the download content belongs to the “eu” link (1st one) while the description is from the “www” link (2nd one).
            I would really like to know if there is a way to get the course from the “www” link instead of the “eu” one.
            Anyway, hope I helped and awesome site btw!

          2. Heisenberg1362 says

            Yes, I guess thats what it is. I was looking for the same course as you, the ‘www’ one. Hope the site uploads it soon 🙂

          3. Admin says

            We have added this in our queue. We’ll upload very soon

          4. lucasadams says

            That is awesome, thank you very much. Around when should be expecting to be able to download it?

          5. Admin says

            We have looked into the matter and added your desired course. You can get it from here:

            Thanks for Your information. Keep visiting & keep sharing 🙂

          6. Reda says

            this link not working

            please i need this course –> Deep Learning Nanodegree program with (PyTorch)

  2. amir says

    link not working

    please i need this course –> Deep Learning Nanodegree program with (PyTorch)

  3. prajin says

    coulld you update with the latest verson with pytorch, this is not the updated one.

  4. KINIMI says


  5. wes says

    who tf is siraj?

  6. Futtureman says

    Hey admin, can you update this course

  7. Sharon says

    Still not updated…old tensorflow version…I’d really appreciate an update 🙂 thanks in advance.

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