Unix Linux Commands with basic shell scripting All in one


Unix Linux Commands with basic shell scripting All in one Download

Learn from basic to advance command in very easy way and get good hands on for shell scripting, become expert in OS

What you’ll learn
  • Get hands on in Unix / Linux /Ubuntu Commands , Basic Shell scripting mostly useful for Dev/Tester /DevOps
  • Become professional in working on Unix and Linux machines/ Servers
  • Do automation for task using shell script
  • Hands-on in vi editor for file create / insert / update /delete Operation
  • Advance Unix commands like grep , cut ,sed , awk powerful tools to do anything
  • One can directly work on all type of projects involving Linux/Ubuntu/Unix based tasks.
  • [optional] Just need ubuntu or linux or unix installed , you can use online free unix terminal also for practice

Below are points that will be covered during the course along with real IT experience that will help one to speed up your work

when interacting with unix or linux OS.

Each IT professional or student must have this skill as these OS are widely used across all industry. Andriod is also a unix type Operating system.

User based operations , controlling process and memory  , monitoring tools for disk management

Powerful Unix tool like cut, grep , sed , awk are covered here

Shell scripting , task scheduling, crontab  , vi editor and lot more….

I have added few resources which will be very helpful as well as small quizzes to test your own skills


Who this course is for:
  • Every Beginner in IT industry
  • Beginner who want to learn Linux or Unix commands , shell scripting
  • Middle-ware support Engineer / Developer / Big Data Engineer / Tester / Production Support / Students
Unix Linux Commands with basic shell scripting All in one Download

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